Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunters

Some are desperate some are fictitious, but they are the best treasure hunts in history

Are you interested in hunting for the Holy Grail? Or chasing the ends of the rainbow? Because if you do you are not the first in the long line of treasure hunters; some are legendary and some with names that have been long forgotten by time.

Treasure hunting more often relates to archeology if rather by coincidence. Since most prized treasure artifacts are those that have a tale behind it or somehow carrying a key to unlock a mystery, treasure hunts always include a significant study of archeology. One such treasure hunting figure is Howard Carter, whose finds made him one of the immortal names of treasure hunters.

Welcome to Tutankhamen’s Tomb

Tutankhamen was an unknown pharaoh. Dying before reaching his prime (at the age of 9) Egyptian chronicles nowhere mentioned his name. When Howard Carter discovered his tomb, not only his name was printed in most textbook, much of the ancient Egyptian life was revealed. Tutankhamen’s tomb was the best preserved and most intact pharaoh’s tomb ever found in the Valley of the Kings.

Carter’s greatest find was the gold funerary mask of the boy-king. Now it sits in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. It is by far the best treasure of Egypt.

See the mask:

However, the relation of archeology and treasure hunting is not always true, like the Gold Panning which severely hit the Americas during the Industrial Revolution.

The Gold Rush
Gold panning may be mining but due to its nature of activity, it is more apt to be called treasure hunting. Gold rush is a period where a feverish migration of workers occurred on an area where commercial quantities of gold were discovered. The Klondike Gold Rush is perhaps the most famous, of the 100,000 gold prospectors (including their families), only 30,000 made it to Dawson City.

Fictional characters in novels and screenplays are evidences of man’s inclination to epic adventures of treasure hunting. Like Indiana Jones? treasure hunting exploits; or the infamous Long John Silver and the Treasure Island. All of which depict our fondness for treasure hunting.

By the way, the Holy Grail is regarded as the most valuable unfound treasure. Literature has mentioned the Grail over the years. The Knights of the Round Table at one time had embarked on a crusade for the Grail; Indiana Jones hunted and found the Grail, and even video games such as Interplay’s Fall Out made several citations about the hunt for the Holy Grail. Even then, many speculations surround the authenticity of the grail. Who knows, if you are interested enough in seeking this sacred relic, it may just turn up in your backyard and your name will be forever embedded among the legendary treasure hunters.

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