The Secret to Fruitful Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting

Hunting turkeys is a hard sport. Because turkeys have keen eyesight and a fairly high level of intelligence, they are evasive to hunters and require patience and skill to successfully hunt.

You may have found out by now that hunting turkeys are harder than it appears if you’re a beginning or intermediate hunter. A turkey in the wild is a hard bird to hunt and pursue, even with its name. They may have a humorous name, but the turkey has unexpected intelligence and sharp vision. It is extraordinarily hard to get close to and sneak up on a turkey and can take many years for a hunter to cultivate the skills it takes to perform this difficult task. However, with a superior form of cover, you can significantly raise your odds in turkey hunting and have the upper hand. This decreases the visibility for the turkeys and allows the hunter to get in close enough to make the shot.

For the hunter out on the field, the most effective kind of camouflage out there is the ghillie suit, which was developed over 150 years ago in the forests of Scotland. It’s a suit that you can place over your regular clothes to drastically alter your form and dramatically lower your visibility to animals out in the wild. Strands of material like jute or burlap hang down all over the suit, making it hard for the game to locate you. This blends the pattern and frame of the human wearer and makes them meld into their environment. Ghillie camo is so efficient that it is possible for animals to come right up to a wearer that is being perfectly quiet.

A turkey’s fine sense of sight is confused when human patterns are broken up with the assistance of a ghillie suit. In order for a person to successfully hunt a turkey, they must get in a range to have a kill shot to impede an injured turkey from scurrying off in the forests. By moving patiently and keeping low to the ground, a hunter can close the distance between them and a rafter of turkeys.

It is ideal to try and find turkeys at night as they are preparing to roost. It is really hard to stalk a turkey. In fact, there’s a good chance it’s already seen you if you spot a turkey on the field. It is challenging to sneak up behind them because they not only can see a great distance but also have a broad range to their vision. To keep predators from sneaking up on them, a group of turkeys will face each other in a circle to cover all angles of the field.

Staying in a single place and waiting in a heavily populated turkey area can be a somewhat slow process that requires a lot of time to be really still. And then there’s the possibility that before you get a chance to get a good shot the group of cautious turkeys will spot you as soon as you move and be on the retreat. It might take patience and ingenuity, but it is possible to get within range of a gang of turkeys. With a powerful gun, a ghillie suit, and an effective turkey call you can get those turkeys once and for all.

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