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The Secret to Fruitful Turkey Hunting

Hunting turkeys is a hard sport. Because turkeys have keen eyesight and a fairly high level of intelligence, they are evasive to hunters and require patience and skill to successfully…

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Binoculars are Required

[lwptoc] Aside from the actual weapon of choice, hunting binoculars are perhaps the most important tool a hunter can pull out of the arsenal. Of course, just wearing binoculars around…

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Covering Your Scent Makes All the Difference

When hunting with a rifle or even a handgun, hunters often have an extended range that far exceeds that of the average bow hunter. Consequently, bow hunters are often forced…

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How to Pick the Best Rifle Scope

[lwptoc] Choosing a correct rifle scope is not less important than choice of the rifle itself. If you want to choose a worthy scope for accurate reliable rifle then it…

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Key to a Successful Hunt

[lwptoc] Hunting is a very popular past time in the US and is great practice for preppers and survivalists. Not only will you learn how to creep up on animals,…

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